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Ripple Effects (RE) is a Community Transformation Organization established in 2016 to provide support and guidance to residents of the Twin Counties.


Ripple Effects is a community collaboration hub, that offers resource counseling, life skills workshops, case management, and other services designed to address holistic wellness. It serves as a city portal for individuals seeking accountability, guidance, and resources. Serving over 600 people per month, Ripple Effects provides essential services to its clients and friends through a unique and unrivaled model of care.​

Ripple Effects is committed to equipping individuals and families to reach their highest potential and ultimately contribute to the well being of others. 

Our Founder & Executive Director

Keisha B. Spivey

In 2016, I found myself overwhelmed in what appeared to be a never-ending cycle of challenges. From a suicide at the local high school, to a drive by shooting that killed two small children in a local park, to a homeless family weighing on my mind, I did not know how to shed light in so much darkness.

As I was trying to find the words to encourage a group of saddened teens in the midst of all of this, my heart needed comforting. As tears ran down my face, I felt like I had become a professional band aid applier instead of the hope dealer I had always believed myself to be. But that day as I looked in the mirror, I felt that the work had overtaken me.

As I prayed for God to give me wisdom on what to do and how to move forward, God spoke to my heart and shifted my perspective. He told me that I felt immersed because at that moment I was looking at the ocean. The ocean is enormous and engulfing. It was not my job to look at the ‘sea’. It was my responsibility to look at what I could ‘see’… I could see ripples if I chose to make them!


Every day I could get up wherever I was and touch whomever I came into contact with that day and make ripples in their lives. Ripples that have a lasting impact that creates long-term change. Ripples that break cycles of desperations and hopelessness. It was that day that I felt the release of the pressure to solve all of the world’s problems and to simply become a ripple maker! This moment in the mirror led to the birthing of Ripple Effects and has spread into a movement of ripple making across the twin counties and beyond!

Our Mission
All Hands In

Our Beliefs

God is the ultimate Healer and Restorer of true life. Meeting people in their place of need and serving them in their pain, demonstrates love, and transforms those being served and those serving from the inside out through the power of God. 

Our Mission

To break cycles of desperation and hopelessness and create new beginnings. 

Ripple Effects believes that being healthy means taking care of all aspects of your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness which requires a holistic approach to life. Our aim is to inspire people to develop the desire, discipline, and determination to respond to life’s challenges in a positive and productive manner. 

Volunteers Serving Food
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Our Vision

To be a community transformation organization bringing Christ-centered solutions to persons in crisis, transition, and in need. 

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference." - Kathy Calvin 

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