Equipping individuals to reach their highest potential and fulfill their purpose and destiny!

What is the REE:Center?

The REE:Center is a community collaboration center that meets people where they are and provides resources, connections, and guidance to assist them on their journey of personal growth and development.

The REE:Center is people helping people to navigate life's hurdles, to access community services, to develop new skill sets, to move lives forward.

The REE:Center is your connection point to a variety of services and resources available in our community.

Whatever the challenge, find the help you need - struggling with your faith, feeling insignificant, longing for a fresh start, dealing with financial difficulties, or coping with family or health problems - the REE:Center is a great place to start.

We Welcome Your Help!

We rely on our network of volunteers to support and enhance our programs and services.  If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities, please contact our office at 252.200.4885 or email admin@RippleEffectsGroup.com.


Resource Counseling

Serves those who need specific and individualized guidance with  resources, programs, and services available in our community.

The Bridge

Potential to Purpose

Provides a support system to help individuals successfully transition from homelessness into stability and security.


Small Groups

People Development

Connecting people with similar goals, challenges, and experiences on their journey for personal growth & development.

Next Steps

Case Management

Helping people during seasons of transition, crisis, and  difficulty discover purpose and gain clarity.

Making a Difference & Changing Lives

We are committed to touch the world - one person at a time & one kind act at a time - intentionally and purposefully. 

Demonstrating Love

Developing People

Doing Life 

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